Nextnine Support Automation

Why resolve, when you can simply prevent?  Nextnine Support Automation solution enables you stay ahead of potential service issue and provide proactive support with 24x7x365 availability and superior customer service.

Deliver remote support that’s fast, efficient, accurate and complaint, improving your customer experience, improving your KPIs and reducing service costs.

The very best OEM service organizations are truly proactive, preventing problems before they can impact their customer’s business.  Today’s OEM vendors expect the very best level of support and 24x7x365 availability is key for customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

To deliver profitable support, OEM service organizations must be scalable, cost effective and highly efficient.  Nextnine Service Automation Platform puts you very best engineer onsite at every customer.  Our Virtual Support EngineerTM (VSE) proactively monitors and self-services systems, applications and devices 24x7x365 to identify, diagnose and resolve issues at the symptoms stage, solving problems long before they impact your customers business.


The Service Automation Process

  1. Once deployed at a site, the VSE learns the system configuration and then automatically begins monitoring and servicing your customers’ OT network.
  2. The VSE performs automated data collection, diagnostics and takes corrective actions on assigned software and devices deployed on the OT network, providing immediate notifications and detailed reports to your service team when and as required.
  3. Your service team keeps a close eye on customers by verifying best practices, distributing and applying patches and collecting performance and configuration data for external analysis.

Nextnine Support Automation benefits include:

  • Exceed customers’ expectations with truly proactive services
  • Grow premium service revenues
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Scale your service organization more effectively and efficiently
  • Comply with HIPAA and SOX
  • Prevent Service Level Agreement (SLA) penalties