Nextnine Secure Remote Access

Deliver remote support and other services via a secured, centralized remote access solution.  Many industrial remote access solutions often leave serious gaps that introduce significant security risks. In today’s operational technology environment, the frequent mismanagement of remote access is tantamount to inviting in a Trojan Horse.

Plants are becoming smarter and increasingly connected. As the number of connected assets and machinery increases, so will the need for a secure remote access platform that will enable the efficient and secure management of these devices.  Nextnine’s Secure Remote Access enables you to reduce the risk to your customers’ business operations, while maintaining the reward of secure, cost-effective remote access.

Customer requirements for compliance and proper governance demand that systems be protected from incidents that can hamper their operation, or compromise safety. Most of the ad-hoc solutions used today have significant draw backs and security gaps.

Why Nextnine Secure Remote Access?

  • Deploying one single, centralized platform for remote access enables secure, supervised and audited management of all connections.
  • Access permissions are managed, incorporating the principles of defense in depth (for instance, the Purdue model), least privilege and separation of duties to limit the scope and risk. Access to assets and associated facilities is limited to authorized users, processes, or devices, and to authorized activities and transactions.
  • Continuous visibility across all sites, along with alerts on potential problems and compliance issues. Real-time supervision of remote access sessions is enabled with a full audit trail to view past events.