Nextnine Service Platform

Designed to increase the productivity, performance and profitability of global service organizations.

Nextnine Service Platform benefits include

  • Reduced support costs by reducing the number of calls, mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and field dispatches
  • Increased service revenue by offering proactive support at a premium and/or by freeing up support staff’s time from solving known problems to delivering high-margin value-adding services
  • Maximum system uptime and avoidance of revenue loss resulting from downtime or SLA penalties
  • Increased customer satisfaction by proactively solving problems before customers are affected
  • Product usage insights which can be leveraged to create new and innovative products and services

Nextnine Service Platform  is a fully distributed software platform that intelligently automates and accelerates the delivery of remote service and support. Nextnine platform comes complete with built-in service modules and the flexibility required to automate the entire support process – from ongoing product maintenance to proactive problem discovery, data collections, root cause analysis and even self-healing. A key component of Nextnine Service Platform is the Virtual Support Engineer™ (VSE), a lightweight application that is deployed at each end-customer site. The VSE contains the knowledge required to support an entire system, including both standard and proprietary components. Multiple VSEs communicate over a secure channel with the Nextnine Service Center, used by the vendor’s support engineers to support each customer site.