Nextnine Partners with SecurityMatters to Enhance its ICS Shield Solution with SilentDefense Technology

Nextnine TeamAugust 4, 2017

Nextnine, a leading provider of top-down operational technology (OT) security management solutions for connected industrial control system (ICS) environments, and SecurityMatters, a provider of industrial cyber resilience network monitoring solutions, jointly announced an OEM partnership between the two companies. As part of this OEM partnership, Nextnine has integrated the SilentDefense technology from SecurityMatters into its ICS Shield solution.

ICS Shield is a full-fledged OT security management solution that protects all remote field assets from a single security and operations center, empowering industrial enterprises to implement connected operations, while minimizing security vulnerabilities. The solution automates the deployment and enforcement of operational-wide security policies with a focus on discovering a complete inventory of all operational assets, detecting anomalies and inefficiencies, as well as establishing a unified framework for fully authenticated, authorized, and audited secure remote access according to granular policies. In addition, ICS Shield facilitates the cyber-hardening of the industrial network with security essentials, including patching, antivirus protection, log collection, compliance reporting and more.

The integration of the SilentDefense technology into ICS Shield adds continuous, state-of-the art network monitoring capabilities and provides augmented passive discovery and the detection of anomalies and inefficiencies. SilentDefense is an advanced OT network monitoring technology that ensures that the underlying networks of cyber resilient industrial environments are healthy and threat-free. This technology improves the ability of ICS Shield to learn and validate network communication patterns and process operations with in-depth analysis of industrial protocols as well as identify rogue and malfunctioning devices, intrusions and attacks.

Sid Snitkin, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Industrial companies are tired questioning the status of their defenses and playing whack-a-mole with the incessant stream of cyber threats. They are looking for solutions, like this collaboration between Nextnine and Security Matters, that give them full visibility of vulnerabilities, detect anomalous behavior, and rapidly address latent system compromises before they become actual safety and operational incidents.”